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Microwave Refried Beans into Nachos

by Stephanie

One of my favorite meals in the microwave is nachos.  I think everyone enjoys sitting down to a big plate of bean and cheese nachos.  You can top them with so many things from jalapenos and avocado chunks to guacamole and shredded chicken.  Personally, I love them plain with just beans and cheese.  

I am not a big fan of canned refried beans.  I like to buy canned pinto beans and make them refried myself using the microwave.  It takes less than 5 minutes, and they taste much more authentic.  

Close up of Microwave Refried Beans into Nachos

Now, if you ever fried bacon in the microwave, scrap the grease off the plate and save it in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  You just need a teaspoon to pop in a bowl of refried beans for that authentic smoky flavor. If you don’t have access to the bacon grease, then I recommend just adding a slice of ham lunch meat or if you happen to have uncooked bacon, a slice of that is good, too.

How do you make Refried Beans in the Microwave?

First, I like to rinse the canned pintos really good.  I’m not quite sure, but I suspect it’s the preservatives that give a bad flavor to the beans from the can.  It is that way with every single brand I’ve purchased.  So, I just rinse the beans. 

When you first start to rinse them, you’ll see they bubble up almost like a foam.  Just keep rinsing until there are no more bubbles.  If you have a colander that works great to rinse, if not, just use your hand over the can and fill it with water and dump it several times.  

How to make Microwave Refried Beans

Once you feel they are good and rinsed, transfer the beans to a microwave safe bowl. Then, add just 2-3 tablespoons of water.  This is when it’s time to add the ham or bacon (or bacon grease) if you have it.  

Cook the beans on high for two minutes.  

Take them out of the microwave and add a pat of butter.  If you had added the ham or bacon remove it and throw it away.  

Smash the beans.  I find a potato masher works best, but I’ve also used a fork.  Just stir every so often after smashing a bunch.  You’ll notice the beans and the water will turn into a paste like substance. 

Some people like it really smooth and other people don’t mind a few whole beans.  It’s your preference. 

Bean and Cheese Nachos

Nachos made from Microwave Refried Beans

When it’s the right consistency for you, then make your nachos. I recommend making the bean and cheese nachos, cooking in the microwave to melt the cheese, and then add additional toppings.  I love chunks of avocado on my nachos.  My husband loves sour cream, and my teenager loves jalapenos.  

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