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Chicken Burrito Bowl

by Stephanie

I’m sure you’ve been to Chipotle or Freebirds and had a burrito or burrito bowl.  A burrito bowl is a quick meal you can make single serving in no time at all.  Or, you can make multiple burrito bowl meals in assembly-line style for lunches for the whole week. 

After checking the prices at those restaurants, we started making them at home for some money-saving meals. 

Chicken Burrito Bowl for one

My college kid makes these meals all the time as a single serving.  Everything is heated in the microwave and then piled together in a bowl for maximum deliciousness.

  1. She uses the Minute Rice Ready Rice cups and heats up one. 
  2. Then heats up a few frozen veggies and frozen precooked chicken strips together. 
  3. She then heats up a can of black beans or pinto beans. 

Chicken Burrito Bowl for dinner is super easy

After that, it’s time to put it all together.  Add all these hot ingredients in layers: 

  • beans – pinto beans or black beans
  • rice – minute rice ready rice
  • precooked frozen grilled chicken strips
  • veggies – frozen onions/peppers

Next, add the cold ingredients: 

  • salsa
  • sliced avocado or guacamole
  • cheese (my fave)

Then, add some seasonings if you have them:

  • dried roasted garlic (so wonderful on a burrito bowl)
  • cilantro

Voila! Dinner is ready in no time at all.  You’ve got a delicious meal, and your roommates are going to be totally jealous. 

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