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25 Microwave Desserts

by Stephanie

I just love microwave desserts made in a mug. You can make just one serving, so you won’t be tempted with any extra laying around. And, it takes no time at all.  It’s the perfect movie date night snack at home.  

Looking for a single serving dessert? Check out these delicious 25 desserts you can make in the microwave in a single serving!

No waiting 30 minutes or an hour for something to bake in the oven. Or maybe you dont have an oven? These microwave desserts are ready in about 2 minutes, maybe 5 minutes, and ready to eat. The clean up is so easy because it’s all made right in the mug.

Scroll on down to check out these 25 Microwave Desserts and find the perfect one to fix your cravings.  You probably have all the ingredients right at home.  

If you live in a dorm where all you have a microwave, these are the perfect single-serving treats.  Chocolate Cake in the microwave? Yes please!  There’s even a Peach Cobbler on the list you can make right in the microwave! Doesn’t that sound delicious?

There’s something for everyone on this list from keto-friendly to gluten free and egg free.  

Craving something sweet but just want to make a single serving? Check out these 28 delectable and delicious desserts you can make in the microwave in just a couple of minutes.

Did you find a favorite dessert to try? I’m about to make some Banana Bread with Nutella in the microwave.  Look for that recipe soon.

Just Microwave It!

You can make so many things in the microwave, not just dessert. We have recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  Did you know all the recipes on this blog are made in the microwave? 

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